DIY: E-Books with video tutorials

Muzzle Training: Teaching your dog to comfortably wear a muzzle.

Muzzle Training

The list is long when it comes to naming reasons for muzzle training our dogs. Whether you use the muzzle because you are trying to help your dog overcome a fear or discomfort, or because you have to by law - e.g.  dogs on public transportation - it's only fair to train a dog to be comfortable with wearing it.

A muzzle is not something dogs naturally enjoy on their faces, so we are thrilled we have well vetted training plans to accomplish that, and to share the plans with you. Training our dogs to wear a muzzle voluntarily, and not be bothered by it is such an essential part of their well-being!

This e-book provides you with detailed plans, and links to video demonstration for each step of the training process. In addition, we talk a bit about the ways in which muzzles are useful for dogs, and discuss the persistent stigma that surrounds them.  We will discuss muzzle types early on, so that you can get ahead and buy/order them while you are reading about the training. We'll also give some recommendations on how to make your muzzle more stylish and less utilitarian looking!

Then, we'll give you a brief overview of the training methods used in the positive, modern dog training. We will point out the differences in the types of learning and how we use them for training, specifically what we need to do to achieve our training goal.

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It’s Tricky: Learning to Train your Dog with Tricks

Tricks Training

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Trick Training is a great way to get to work with your dog - fun and useful at the same time! A trick can serve as the foundation for building other behaviors, relevant for every-day use. If a dog learns to ‘play dead’, we teach him to perform the useful behavior of lying on his side. From here it can evolve into using this position for grooming, or nail filing procedures. ‘Shake’, or giving a paw, is of similar value.

Tricks are also a great way to bond with your dog. When working with our dogs on obedience and manners, we are more focused on what we need the dog to do. With tricks, there’s no pressure to be perfect. When training tricks, we can be as silly as we want and simply enjoy being with our dogs.

This e-book was designed to teach you how to train your dog with step-by-step plans, and links to video demonstrations for each training step. It will help you understand the learning and training process, which you can apply to training behaviors well beyond tricks!

The tricks in this e-book are: Spin, Shake, Sit up, Bang!, Bow, Paws up (on objects), Shake-to-High5, Bang-to-RollOver. You will also learn how to use a clicker or verbal marker effectively, and how to teach 'hand targeting' as a useful foundation behavior/trick.