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Treats for Training:

We recommend treats with these qualities: Fast-to-consume! Soft! Easy to cut into tiny pieces! Non-crumbling!

Suggestions: Meat jerky, dehydrated meats, or fruits/veggie/meat combos, real boiled chicken, steak, hot dogs, cheese, sausage, bulk rolls of meat/veggie, freeze-dried treats. 

Find the foods/treats that your dog is really excited over. Notice her look after she has eaten a piece. You want your dog to react like this: "Wow, what was that?", and immediately sort of looking towards you or your hand/pouch to get more. And if she is then eager to work for these treats, you can put them on the favorites list. However, variety is key, as is mixing up treats often. Nothing needs to ever get 'old' if you keep a nice mix of treats (potpourri) available, change them up, and surprise your dog with something new often. 

Treat Brands:
Stella & Chewy's - Freeze-dried raw treats.
Plato Pet Treats - Different meats and fish.
Rawbble - This is chicken, but you can also find beef, duck, fish and more! 
ZiwiPeak - This is lamb.
VitaEssentials - This is freeze-dried tripe.
Happy Howie's - Food roll that can be cut up into little pieces. 
Natural Balance - Another option for those who love using food rolls.
Primal - Makers of high quality food and "nibs". 

Treat Pouch (for easy access to treats): 

Doggone Good Rapids Reward Pouch

Enrichment for Dogs: 
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