Helping You Help Your Dog

After the first contact we briefly chat on the phone to discuss your training concern and to schedule our first session in person or online. The first session serves to assess and discuss your dog's training needs in detail. I will leave you with an assessment of your dog's behavior, first tips and training exercises. After the session I will make suggestions on how best to proceed: Estimated number of sessions, nature of the sessions, and realistic goals.

New Puppy or Rescue Dog


Starting out right

First days and weeks at home with your new dog or puppy? Let me help you set up your home, and prepare you for a great start with your new family member.
Looking for a dog with good manners in your home? Whether it is potty training, confinement training, or building the right habits in the home, I come in for support.
Need to address all things puppy? Puppies are my specialty, and I provide you with all you need to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog (puppy biting, chewing, whining, socialization, and more.)

Obedience Training


Training the basics all dogs should learn

  • Recall - coming when called, and Off-Leash Reliability

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Stay in a place

  • Leave it and Drop it (ball and other items)

  • Loose leash walking and formal heeling

  • Placement (going to spot),

  • Husbandry (handling for grooming and vet procedures)


Other wishes? Just let me know!

Problem Behaviors or Rowdy Dog


Getting a polite pup

Common behaviors that are a problem for us...., not so much for our dogs:

  • Jumping on people

  • Pulling or Stalling on leash 

  • Begging at the table

  • Pestering for attention

  • Excessive barking

  • Destructive behaviors

Let me identify the root of the problem and give you the training tools you need.

Fearful or Aggressive Behavior


Finding hope through management and behavior modification

If your dog runs away, hides, trembles, cowers or does not eat when she meets (new) people or dogs, is in new places, or is being handled, she possibly is afraid. 

The same is true if your dog rushes up to, barks at, growls, snaps or bites when he meets (new) people or dogs, is being handled, or when food or objects are taken away.


I will be there to give you and your dog quick relief through managing the fear/ aggression, and explain to you what's going on. We can then take the time to discuss if and how we can modify fearful/ aggressive behaviors, and to help your dog overcome her fear.


Group Classes


Group training classes: We are currently seeking for a new location for puppy classes (for Puppies under the age of 16 weeks), and basic obedience classes for all dogs over 5 months of age.

​Please ask us if we have a class coming up.

You can also find me teaching classes at the MSPCA Angell (Boston and Waltham locations).

Training Walks and Boarding


Training walks are one of my specialties. We can discuss if this option is available during our first session.

Boarding can be offered occasionally, and for small dogs (under 15 pounds ) only.