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Here is what people say about Sylvia Borghardt Dog Training

"The kindest, most compassionate, most skilled positive trainer you’ll ever meet. Sylvia is passionate about her work with dogs as well as with owners. She taught me so much and she turned my defensive fearful rescue baby into a happy, confident star performer! Sylvia is just amazing and I highly recommend her!"


"We are very lucky to have been able to have Sylvie train our dog Sterling.  He is very well behaved and a joy in our lives due to Sylvie’s excellent training.  Sylvie started training him the day we brought him home.  She had one-on-one training sessions with Sterling, training groups, and training sessions for the whole family. Sylvie helped us understand as a family how to train our dog and was great with our two girls and us. Great to find a doggie person that can talk to humans as well as they talk to dogs!"


"An amazing lady.. she has worked wonders with my rescue boy and with me too as I had so much to learn . She has so much empathy for the situation from the dogs point of view and from mine too and helps us work through each issue . The amount of progress and the transformation we have made thanks to Sylvia is amazing and she is always on hand offering advice and giving pointers along our journey . A fantastic positive trainer!"


"A lab-border collie mix, our 18 month-old Jax is the smartest dog we've ever had.  (He's our 4th dog.)  
Most of the credit is owed to teacher/trainer Sylvia.  She trained both us and Jax.  He has excellent recall and other commands, he plays well with others (both 2- and 4-legged), and is he a delight to all. We have returned to Sylvie when he needed new or refresher training. 
You won't do better with any other trainer!"


"Sylvia has been a fantastic dog trainer for our little Roxy. Not only is she great with our dog, but she is excellent at teaching us how to use the tools (and tricks!) we have learned to ensure our dog is well behaved and more importantly safe. She clearly models and explains each skill and gives us an opportunity to practice under her guidance. We are so thankful to have found Sylvia and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a competent and excellent dog trainer. She really knows her stuff!"


“After finding an 8 week old Pit Bull puppy in our trash in the fall of 2013 we knew we were going to need professional help! We were very lucky in having Sylvia for a trainer. Her teaching style is straight forward and gets results. Our weekly puppy classes with Sylvia set the pace both for d'OG to learn and for us on how to motivate him to learn. Fast forward to today and we have a very big, sometimes stubborn, but always well behaved socialized dog. If we ever encounter a problem these days, we always go back to the training and ask ourselves, "what would Sylvia tell us to do?" I think it has to do with her clarity, organization and lightness. By following her instructions, we now have tools so we can control our, big strong headed but lovable 100 lb. dog. On a personal note we are proud to call her a friend and on a professional level saying we strongly recommend her is an understatement. Sylvia's guidance, instruction and teachings have proven invaluable to us and instrumental to our success with d 'OG. ”


"My wife and I adopted Tikka from her previous family when she was about five years old. She had basic training, but was very poorly socialized with both humans and other dogs and had severe anxiety, all of which was pretty deeply ingrained after five years. She was super sweet and mellow with the two of us, but would freak out at other people who came into our house (especially our housemate), and all our corrections felt like they made things worse! When my parents got a puppy and we introduced the two dogs, Tikka was impatient, growling and snapping at this adorable little dog that wanted to be her friend. Sylvia helped us crate-train Tikka to help with her anxiety, gave our housemate tips on ignoring the growling until it has almost totally diminished, and most of all helped us re-introduce Tikka to my parents' dog, Jax, through lots of planned and positive interactions. It worked so well that they are now best friends. Tikka is much more confident with other dogs and people when we go to the dog park, and she has learned to play like a real dog!"


"We had a wonderful experience with Sylvia as our trainer/teacher for our puppy training class at SmartyPup in San Francisco.  In only 5 weeks, we could see a big improvement in our puppy, Reuben - and we attribute that to Sylvia’s skills in training both dogs and people!  While demonstrating techniques, Sylvia was able to coax results from all the dogs in our class, regardless of their stage of training or temperament.   She kept us focused and working hard, while at the same time maintaining a positive, upbeat and fun environment in her class.  It is obvious that she is passionate about dogs and their owners, and truly cares about them.  After just this short time together, we consider Sylvia a dear friend, who will always have a place in the raising of our little buddy."


"Sylvie was amazing! Being a first time pet "pug" owner our family had no idea what we were doing. After only one visit, I felt confident I could manage being the mom to this crazy little dog. She helped me handle his biting and attacking issues immediately. Comet is now almost two years old. The minute he sees Sylvie at the beach --he runs to see her! Sylvie is the best. I've recommended her to anyone I know who needs the encouragement to curtail any behavioral issues. She is kind and loving. Thank you Sylvie!!"